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III (Three) is my third EP. It was also released the third year I had professionally been doing music. As an artist, especially doing dark alternatie pop, I continually dig deeper inside my heart and mind in order to create something true to myself at that moment in time. As I had been especially struggling in the earlier part of 2017 with my mental health, it was hard for me to artistically create. However, I found writing about my former traumas and negative experiences that had been lingering inside my soul was easy if I just WROTE and didn't think too much. It was then that I created III. This album is the most personal to me out of my 3 albums. Concrete Angels is dedicated to one of my dear friends that had passed away March 2017. Children Of The Sun was inspired by the streets of Los Angeles, CA after I had seen multiple people under the influence of heavy substance use. Unborn and Orphan are based on past traumas that still affect me everyday. I wanted to connect with my listeners on a more personal level with this album. It has a fresh, yet distinctive sound that is true to me. Escape into my world with III.  -Scarlett

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