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"Lucid" was the first full album I had ever professionally recorded. It was the first album I had created when I first signed to Borderline Musick in Minnesota. This album tells the story of searching for someone through the pines and naturalistic views (Seven Cyan Hours). In most of these songs, I explain past relationships and things that I've gone through with others that have broken me. More personal issues are sung in "I'm Gone," "Mommy Issues," and "Blue Shade." In "Purple Bones," an ambient atmosphere combined with sultry vocals explains the longing for someone in a position where you know they won't ever feel the same way, yet you continue to try. You're "falling backwards" and "there's no other sound" except the person you so carefully admire from a distance. In "Blue Shade," I paint the picture of a dreamy soundscape as I sing about not being able to breathe without the person I am so desperate for, and that without them i'd rather "sleep forever" until I "no longer need you to breathe." "I'm Gone" explains my daily struggle with coming to terms with who I am and feeling like I can't control my thoughts or feelings. I hope you enjoy this album,  -Scarlett

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